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johnkeel105 11-30-06 11:01 PM

Nice Addition
I must say this new forum section is a good addition. I am surprised it wasnt here sooner.

jAkUp 11-30-06 11:12 PM

Re: Nice Addition
I agree, and it was Lee63's idea! Thanks Lee :D

Spartan 117 11-30-06 11:36 PM

Re: Nice Addition
cool, nice section :)

ill post up once I get my mobo for my QX6700 :)

crainger 12-01-06 12:37 AM

Re: Nice Addition
Is the CAPS permanent or just till everyone sees it and takes notice?

Bearclaw 12-01-06 01:09 AM

Re: Nice Addition

Originally Posted by crainger
Is the CAPS permanent or just till everyone sees it and takes notice?

Haha, was wondering the same thing.

BTW, It is wierd seeing a section with barely any threads in it. Just something I noticed. :)

TiKiMaN1 12-01-06 02:57 AM

Re: Nice Addition
Fantastic addition to nVNews!!!!


crainger 12-01-06 03:26 AM

Re: Nice Addition
I'm going to overclock my keyboard ready

Here i go whjdhdhdhhdhstikitiki:wonder:dhdakhskadf

Sorry I pushed it to hard.

grey_1 12-01-06 04:39 AM

Re: Nice Addition
Very nice addition. Although given current hardware it should probably be renamed already.

Conroe/G80 Overclocking thread. :D

It's ok, my stoneage hardware is still good to me.

cybereml 12-01-06 09:18 AM

Re: Nice Addition
Congratulations nvnews Great Idea!!!

SLippe 12-01-06 10:46 PM

Re: Nice Addition
I agree. I think this is a great idea and I am also surprised this wasn't here sooner. Good job! :thumbsup:

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