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JeffxxxPete 12-05-06 04:08 PM

Driver 9629 leads to 'Hang'
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Hi, recently installed 1.0-9629 for Linux x86 using "NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-9629-pkg1.run" following the instructions from the download page. Originally was using an automatic login(init:5), but switched to manual login (init3) using XDM, KDM. or GDM window managers because the system would hang when logging off using the Nvidia 1.0-8776 driver. Now when I boot, using ‘startx’ or the three window managers, I get past the Nvidia X splashscreen where the system stalls trying to get into KDE. Hitting ‘Ctrl-Alt-Bkspace’ bounces me back to the console.

I let the installer configure my /etc/X11/xorg.conf file, so I tried backing up that one and switching back to the one named xorg.conf.backup (renaming it to xorg.conf) without any noticable difference. After checking the recent posts relating to this topic, I wanted to post this problemto see if anyone had any other suggestions.

Attached is an nvidia-bug-report.log and an nvidia-installer.log report which states three warnings related to determining the correct X library installation path. Thanks.


Micron Millennia (desktop)
nVidia GeForce 2 Integrated GPU

Mandriva 2007
kernel 2.6.17.-5mdv

netllama 12-05-06 04:16 PM

Re: Driver 9629 leads to 'Hang'
The only problems that I see in the bug report are here:
(II) NVIDIA(0): The NVIDIA X driver has encountered an error; attempting to
(II) NVIDIA(0): recover...
(II) NVIDIA(0): Error recovery was successful.
AUDIT: Tue Dec 5 12:38:05 2006: 3514 X: client 1 rejected from local host

I have a few questions:
0) Does this problem persist with 1.0-9631 ?
1) If you set NvAGP to 0 in xorg.conf, does that have any impact?
2) Have you verified that you're using the latest BIOS for the motherboard?


JeffxxxPete 12-06-06 05:17 PM

Re: Driver 9629 leads to 'Hang'
Yes, I have the same problem(s) as orginally stated:

0) Installed 1.0-9631 driver
1) No impact when setting NvAGP to O in xorg.conf
2) Using the most current BIOS driver for the mobo

JeffxxxPete 12-09-06 10:05 PM

Re: Driver 9629 leads to 'Hang'
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Ok, I can log into linux (user and root) with the various window managers (KDM, GDM, XDM) and 'startx' but once in GNOME or KDE, the icons disappear/re-appear and when opening into a window(s), the box tends to streak. Does anyone know if this is an issue with the nvidia driver or the window manager or GNOME/KDE? Both .log output is included. Thanks


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