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xin44 12-07-06 03:51 AM

8800 gtx - SuSE10.1 - Black screen on logoff and beep
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i apologize first for my bad english !

All is in the title, and the only thing i can do is to press the on/off button to power off my pc, waiting 10 sec for the monitor becomes completly black (otherwise black screen after re-power-on too).

Same story when i type init 3 when i am in level 5.

I've tried acpi=off, apm=off, boot param and safe-boot

Thanks in advance if you could help me !

(cm intel I915, pentium 4 ht 3ghz, 2go ram 3200, 580 wtt HIPER power alim, 9742 driver)

netllama 12-07-06 11:22 AM

Re: 8800 gtx - SuSE10.1 - Black screen on logoff and beep
If I'm understanding correctly, it sounds like you're stating that exiting X causes the computer to hang?

Have you verified whether you're using the latest BIOS?
Does this problem persist with a more recent (2.6.18.x) kernel?


xin44 12-07-06 05:36 PM

Re: 8800 gtx - SuSE10.1 - Black screen on logoff and beep
Thanks a lot for helping me !

At the second i have put the 8800 in her pci port, the computer becomes very slow to
show the grub menu (40s), it tooks the same time when i'm booting on the linux install cd, 2sec otherwise.

My BIOS is 1.5 years old .. certainly too old, i'll update her if you think it's the only-way.

If i open a new fullscreen's console session from level 5, it hangs too (but i can switch
[ctrl alt F7] easily to the original graphique session)

The boot after each black screen let appear some "replaying transaction" - the system has really "crashed" (or its the fact of the manually extinction ?).

If I pushed on the power button, after the computer "crashes" and the manually extinction, but before the screen becomes totally black (orange screen-led), i've the black screen from the beginning of the boot, and green led on it, the screen auto-ajust itself at the beginning as if all was right.

OTherwise, what a card !! and a really good point for the disponibility of the linux-drivers and the xgl support for a brand new product - i was tired to wait, 18 month
after i bought my x800...

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