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LoZart 12-08-06 02:30 PM

PC / MAC Wars
I hate these days when someone who has a new mac book comes ranting and raving about how mac is better than pc yada, yada,

Anyone have anything to cool down a mac attack

superklye 12-08-06 02:45 PM

Re: PC / MAC Wars

OWA 12-08-06 04:38 PM

Re: PC / MAC Wars
Just bring up gaming.

Bearclaw 12-08-06 05:15 PM

Re: PC / MAC Wars

Originally Posted by OWA
Just bring up gaming.

Haha. True.

Redeemed 12-09-06 06:00 AM

Re: PC / MAC Wars
In all honesty I find it ironic how the Mac camp has always bashed the Windows-PC camp. Yet as time goes on, it seems the Mac is beginning to look and function more and more like a Windows-PC. Heck, they even have Intel made processors! :p And now, you can even run Windows on 'em!

I just ignore those Mac fanatics. ;)

OldOfEvil 12-09-06 06:19 AM

Re: PC / MAC Wars
I haven't seen any PC vs. Mac threads in a while, what prompts this whine thread?

Owa is right, just bring up games, though most people who just own a Mac arn't into games as the primary use of their computer. Otherwise, make fun of Steve Jobs.. :p

retsam 12-09-06 06:52 AM

Re: PC / MAC Wars
why is this thread in the feedback forum...reading is fundamental?

buffbiff21 12-09-06 03:22 PM

Re: PC / MAC Wars

dude macs ARE personal computers.

but "pc"s have better hardware. and just like someone said, bring up games. and functionality. and cost.

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