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Lazaredz 12-13-06 08:23 AM

680i voltages and OCing
I'm trying to get a little more out of my 6600. I now have time to do some fine tuning OCing but am a little confused by the voltages, and their importance/impact on performace and stability.

I currently am Orthos testing 3.6 at 9x400 with the following:

CPU core 1.55 (gives me actual of 1.50)
FSB 1.5
Mem 2.1
SPP 1.5
MCP 1.6
HT 1.5

I'll know later today if these are CPU stable or not, but if they are, what should I try to back off of first. I'd like to use the minimal voltage to maintain this OC (for better cooling). Also, its always nice to actually KNOW a little something about what one is doing instead of just following the instructions.

So what is everyone's voltages and why?


john19055 12-13-06 11:18 PM

Re: 680i voltages and OCing
Yes the Evga 680i ,when you set the voltage to the CPU it shows a lower voltage to what you set it at ,but you can check to Bios monitor and it will show the correct voltage ,When I run my at 3.6gigs 1.4v and it shows 1.34v in the Bios monitor.

OrangeBlast 12-14-06 03:33 AM

Re: 680i voltages and OCing
I'm actually doing the same as you:

here are my voltages:

VCORE: 1.54375v
CPU FSB: 1.5v
VDIMM: 2.2v
SPP: 1.50v
MCP: 1.6v
HT: 1.55v

Upping the MCP and the HT gave me much better/stable OC results then when I first started to try and push my e6600.

Those are my current voltages and as I type this Orthos is running the background. I'm trying to get 3.5ghz stable. So far Orthos has been running stable for 19mins...haha..but its better than 1 min like it use to be. I was getting reboots during orthos so I moved my voltages to what you see above.

So far so good.

Let me know if your stable on the voltages, I'm interested in seeing.

EDIT: Lazaredz: after reading your signature, our systems are almost identical! Now I'm even more interested in what you achieve at the those voltages. It would seem we are almost on the same page here.

EDIT: BLAST! this keeps happening. After about 30-36 mins of Orthos...my system will just reboot...no failure in Orthos...no freezing, no BSOD, just reboot.
has this happened to you at all? What should I do.....no matter how high my voltages...it just seems to take a dump around that time.

Lazaredz 12-14-06 07:16 AM

Re: 680i voltages and OCing
Okay, I think I locked in 3.6. Had to play with the voltages a bit:

CPU 1.525 = 1.48 actual
FSB 1.5
Mem 2.1
SPP 1.55
MCP 1.5
HT 1.45

Bumping the SPP is what REALLY nailed it for me. I also was getting failures about 10-15 minutes into Orthos (that included reboots) until I bumped the SPP up just a bit more. Now I've got:





I've dried dropping both the CPU and SPP a notch down, but then I get failures again, so I think this is going to be it.

I'm going to try a P95/RTHDRIBL loop to see if that is stable too. If its good I'll probably just play for a few days and if no issues arise, move onto overclocking the 8800 again. I've got a rough start on that also, but need to zero it in more. Will probably end up bumping the voltage on it too once the "pros" give me an idea what to aim for.

Lazaredz 12-14-06 11:59 AM

Re: 680i voltages and OCing
Allright, good to go:


Bump the SPP to 1.55 and give it a shot Orange

OrangeBlast 12-14-06 12:41 PM

Re: 680i voltages and OCing
I will try that. Setting SPP to 1.55.

OrangeBlast 12-14-06 02:21 PM

Re: 680i voltages and OCing
Damn...still didn't do it for me.

Currently this is what I have right now:

CPU: 1.575v
CPU FSB: 1.5v
Memory: 2.2v
SPP: 1.55v
MCP: 1.55v
SPP<->MCP: 1.55v

I'm sitting at 3.6 right now...xp loads...I'm going to attempt Super-PI at 32 first then move to orthos.

be back.

Lazaredz 12-14-06 02:37 PM

Re: 680i voltages and OCing
Just watch your temps. That little MCP is gonna get HOT!!!!

OrangeBlast 12-14-06 03:25 PM

Re: 680i voltages and OCing
what exactly is the MCP? is it the northbridge?

Lazaredz 12-14-06 09:54 PM

Re: 680i voltages and OCing
Actually, its the southbridge. The SPP is the northbridge.

OrangeBlast 12-14-06 11:18 PM

Re: 680i voltages and OCing
the MCP cooling on the evga 680i blows ass.

centvalny 12-15-06 04:20 AM

Re: 680i voltages and OCing
If you not run SLI a fan on SB will help.

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