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autek108 12-13-06 02:11 PM

Does anyone know where the forced-compat.h header file is that goes with the forcedeth.c file dated 6/19/2006? The latter is located in the NFORCE-Linux-x86-1.11 package, but the former is nowhere to be found.

When you compile a new kernel using the forcedeth.c file, it fails because it apparently cannot located the .h file. Thanks.

RobbertWethmar 06-25-07 09:12 AM

Re: forcedeth-compat.h
i just encountered the same problem, although it looks like this header file is only needed for <2.6 kernels (as in my current 2.4 case ;-))

IvanWong 07-01-07 05:31 AM

Re: forcedeth-compat.h
I'm trying to install RedHat8.0 (kernel 2.4.18-14) on an Asus P5NT WS motherboard and I need this file too but can't find it.

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