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hachre 03-05-03 04:31 AM

spdif on nforce / nforce2

Nvidia told when I bought my nforce that they will add the support for spdif SOON!!!

Meanwhile i've got a nforce2 mainboard and they still tell me they'll do it really SOON now...


Is there another driver out there supporting spdif??!

Cheshiremackat 03-05-03 01:59 PM


I'm upset as well... nforce1 here, and waiting for better driver support (SPDIF, etc) before going nforce2


hachre 03-06-03 02:19 AM

heh, you'll probably have to stay waiting veerrrryyy long ;)

i hate them for that...

Cheshiremackat 03-07-03 02:53 AM

I think they are working on it...
I know you were told *soon*... but the Nvidia guys that circle here have mentioned before that better sound support is being *worked on*...

I would think that if the Nforce chipset is going to be successful then we should see better drivers sooner than later... I mean Nforce is a new area for Nivd, and an area without ATI competing....

With so many mobo's being made with Nforce2 AND being wicked fast too, I imagine either the customers (US) or the mobo makers will get on the case sooner or later...

Any comment from *official* sources? Andy?


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