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xanas3712 12-20-06 09:49 AM

8800 GTS - I should have waited.
If anyone uses linux and bothered to get an 8800 series card I'm sure you probably know of the problem, but until we get a real driver there are still issues that are just annoying that need to be fixed and we have no ETA on them. Maybe we'll get a new driver tommorrow, or next week, or next month. I know, I should have known better? I've been told this before, but with the 7800 this was not a problem. So I'm kind of disappointed, then again I guess some things were not available then that are now like Beryl/Compiz/etc.

My problems?

1) I can't run World of Warcraft in opengl mode which was faster in linux, though d3d is definitely better now it's still kinda choppy.

2) I can't use a higher resolution than 640x480 in console if I don't want to have to restart the computer to leave X, in the same venue if I'm using fb console I can't restart X or my screen goes black and I have to ssh in from another machine to shut down.

3) Beryl completely stalls machine, starting out I can still move the pointer but that's it, eventually doing a hard stall that I have to just turn the power off on.

4) 2d acceleration in X seems very poor, with openoffice impress taking forever to do basic transistions and all kinds of window artifacts moving windows around, almost as bad as using the vesa driver but not quite.

I bought this card for a windows game, and it worked well for that. I have no qualms for the card in windows and it made that game (neverwinter nights 2) much more enjoyable. However, unless I'm playing a game like that I'm in linux and I am sorta disappointed the support is just not there for linux users as well as with previous cards. On the up side most native games seem to run fine, like quake4, etc. are just what I would expect from the card.

kenjo 12-20-06 01:33 PM

Re: 8800 GTS - I should have waited.
lucky bastard I only get a black screen :(

But your right last beta from nov 8 and then nothing is really lame. I'm thinking about returning it and wait untill I buy a new game that need the speed.

anybody know an ati based card that works with 30'' screens ??

Robster 12-21-06 03:18 AM

Re: 8800 GTS - I should have waited.
Sorry to hear about the problems, although it makes me feel better in a selfish way: I decided to wait for stable drivers before getting a new card, even though I'm itching to get one! I'm also hopeful that after Christmas the prices will drop, perhaps even enough for me to get an 8800GTX rather than the GTS I'm looking at now.

This is one of those times when nVidia's refusal to give pre-information about driver releases really sucks :(

xanas3712 12-21-06 06:41 AM

Re: 8800 GTS - I should have waited.
You are a smart man :) It's ok that you feel better I would too.

netllama 12-21-06 10:40 AM

Re: 8800 GTS - I should have waited.
A new driver which supports G80 GPUs will be released in the near future.


xin44 12-26-06 10:02 AM

Re: 8800 GTS - I should have waited.
Hi xanas,

I've the 8800 gtx & 9742 driver and i experiment the sames black screen as you !

I have post for this, and changing for a new motherboard (then a recent bios) was not the solution for the black screen's...

8800 gtx + new motherboard + new processor + 1,5 gig new ram .... it's a little expensive, i think, when i see the results...

The only way i can properly reboot is to try to launch gdm (i'm under kde !), all the others commands make my computer to hang, and the video card can't no more display other things that a black screen, if i don't completely power off my computer (not only reset) and wait 1 mn...
With this awful method, i must type a lot of ctrl+alt+del during the reboot, otherwise, my computer hangs definitively...

The reason for my reply is for your beryl's problems, that do not occur to me, if i can help you...

ChinGuru 12-26-06 11:45 AM

Re: 8800 GTS - I should have waited.
I've been using my Geforce 8800gtx with the 9742 drivers for quite a while now and don't have any problems concerning World of Warcraft NOT running in opengl with wine or cedega.

I do not use XGL or AIGLX in any kind of way 'cause i don't like to vomit everytime I move a window, because its blobbing around. :-) (just kidding)

But one thing I'm sure of is, that framebuffer consoles and the X Server definetly do not mix well (at least not with the 9742 driver).

Just disable the Framebuffer Console completly and you will be able to switch from the X Server to ttys and vice versa just fine.

xanas3712 12-26-06 02:10 PM

Re: 8800 GTS - I should have waited.

Originally Posted by xin44
The reason for my reply is for your beryl's problems, that do not occur to me, if i can help you...

Which version of Beryl are you running, and I assume you are doing so without AIGLX or XGL but with nvidia driver TFP? (to the below, yeah turning off the framebuffer console works fine for me...)

If you are running beryl can you post your nvidia bug report or xorg.conf or something else that I might be able to compare based on. I guess it's possible the gtx will and the gts won't, but I'd think that unusual.

xin44 12-27-06 04:12 AM

Re: 8800 GTS - I should have waited.
1 Attachment(s)
Beryl's version : 061220_3.1-x86_64
beryl-core 0.1.4
kernel :
X Window System Version 6.9.0
NVRM: loading NVIDIA UNIX x86_64 Kernel Module 1.0-9742 Tue Nov 7 09:45:02 PST 2006
Patrick@Patrick:~> XGL Present
otherwise a newbie question...how to turn off the framebuffer console ?

xanas3712 12-27-06 01:57 PM

Re: 8800 GTS - I should have waited.
in your grub.conf or lilo make sure you take out any vga= lines so it defaults to 640x480 console, that should do it.

It's not as nice but it is what you need to do to end the black screen.

It looks like the reason you are working with beryl/compiz is you are using xgl. I was trying to use them directly through the TFP rendering path which the driver has supported directly for the last couple of versions. This works fine on a 7800 GT with this same driver, but not with the 8800 GTS, at least, not in 64 bit as far as I can tell.

Your xorg.0.log in the bug report shows that you haven't started Xorg since September 19, so I'm guessing you upgraded to XGL sometime around then and have been using it since, I don't think that 6.9 worked with XGL if I recall, believe it only works with modular xorg.

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