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Tr1cK 12-21-06 10:03 AM

WoW - post your mains
I would like to know who all is into this game and what servers, faction, race, class, etc. The official thread is 300 miles long and kinda old, so just throw a quickie up here. Here's looking forward to finding some of you on my server.

Smolderthorn PVP - Horde
60 Orc Warrior - Meecrob

Stormrage PVE - Horde
60 Tauren Shaman - Mekrab
60 Tauren Druid - Mota

And yes I think Alliance is teh ghey. :)

OldOfEvil 12-21-06 10:31 AM

Re: WoW - post your mains
I just returned to WoW after a long hiatus, deleted my Alliance characters and rolled Horde. Blood Elf all the way. Right now I have..

Dunemaul - PVP

26 Undead Warrior - Nza
11 Troll Shaman - Tezca
6 Orc Hunter - ThugZug

I do miss the simplicity of Iron Forge over UC and Org

Tork64 12-21-06 10:58 AM

Re: WoW - post your mains
Shanku - 60 Rogue - Silverhand - Alliance
Yohan - 60 Warrior - Silverhand - Alliance
Xquizette - 60 Paladin - Silverhand - Alliance

and a lvl 31 hunter

Sidric 12-21-06 10:41 PM

Re: WoW - post your mains
Eredar PvP:

Eval 60 Undead Warlock

I have other chars but haven't gotten any alt above level 15. I guess my warlock is so overpowered I can't bear to play any other class /sarcasm.

lIqUID 12-21-06 11:37 PM

Re: WoW - post your mains
Liq- 60 human female paladin Frostwolf-retired Naxx farmer
Liq- 60 ud female rogue Lethon (my true love)-pvp machine
Leek- 60 orc male shaman Duskwood (PVE server is the gayness)
Cllimax- blood elf female paladin Lethon (in a month)

Tyr-Sog 12-22-06 07:24 AM

Re: WoW - post your mains
Ebayed them back in Sept. :(

|MaguS| 12-22-06 10:56 AM

Re: WoW - post your mains
I have a Undead Warrior on some server... forgot the name and level...

bonchez 12-22-06 10:14 PM

Re: WoW - post your mains
level - Race/class - name
I'm only naming characters that have some importance, and yes, I do name my mains on each server Bonchez

Darkspear - PVP:
60 - Dwarf Hunter - Bonchez
22 - Night Elf Druid - Bullocks
21 - Human Rogue - Horix

Emerald Dream - RPPVP:
27 - Dwarf Palidin - Bonchez

Onyixia - PVP
24 - Orc Warlock - Bonchez

Dethecus - PVP
16 - Tauren Druid - Bonchez

Yojack 12-27-06 12:42 PM

Re: WoW - post your mains
Yojack 60 NE Rogue

Talera 60 NE Druid

Ninjaman09 12-28-06 10:09 AM

Re: WoW - post your mains
Grenn 60 Warrior
http://ctprofiles.net/2048772 - Tanking
http://ctprofiles.net/3752993 - PvP

Wish I coulda picked up some Wristguards of Vengeance before we stopped running Naxx though. :(

I've been leveling a hunter alt for the past couple of weeks and having a lot of fun with him too.

UDawg 12-28-06 03:32 PM

Re: WoW - post your mains
49 undead rogue. I got rid of all my other toons. No more 60s or twink alts. Just this one wee rogue I am leveling up before BC comes out.

Him name Defjam on Elune server.

Roliath 12-28-06 05:02 PM

Re: WoW - post your mains
Currently Spec'd my Pally - roliath to Ret to do some PVP'ing
lvl 60 - Human Male Pally - Roliath - Khaz Modan
lvl 60 - Human Male Rogue - Cutz - Khaz Modan
lvl 49 - Human Night Elf - Merro - Khaz Modan

Roliath is going to be scraped when TBC comes out and i'll be taking my Rogue to the next level

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