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druga runda 08-17-02 08:30 AM

Heh where is eveyone first (un)official R9700 numbers
Here ;)


benchmarks page 1:


results: the same PC with R9700 - 14138 "normal @ 1024", 3d marks
ti 4600 - 12145

actually go and look, at 4xAA ti4600 - 6391 - R9700 10597 :eek:

In RCTW no penalty for 4xAA

UT2003 just a little faster in ( like 38 FPS instead of 28 for GF4 in 1600x1200) higher resolutions, in lower the same.

So for DX8 from this it seems that R300 is fairly similar to GF4 at 1024 and lower resolutins (as if GF4 was not fast enough ;) ), but for AA there is almost no or just a little hit. So if you have GF4Ti and can't play what you do at 1600x1200 with max settings or 4xAA - go and buy R9700.

Fotis 08-17-02 08:35 AM

I'm personally waiting for Anands and Toms review to get a clear picture of the radeon 9700.
I'll wait for nv30 if it comes by christmass compare and buy.

-=DVS=- 08-17-02 01:44 PM

Old news take a look here ;)


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