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forkandwait 03-05-03 05:39 PM

I want to buy a new MoBo and Processor, but...

i'm planning to buy a new MoBo and Processor (AMD Barton), but i dont know a mobo, which meets the following demands:
- Full Linux IDE-Support (incl. DMA)
- AGP 8x support
- has to support a nvidia ti 4200
- stability!
(- has firewire)
(- has LAN on-board, not important)

What about a VIA KT400?
Any hints?



Niklas ;)

mariuz 03-07-03 03:20 AM

What about nforce2 ?
It has all the stuff above +
Dual Chanel DDR @ 400 and the FSB (400)
Sound 5.1 (good for music and Unreal)
Stability !! Good Drivers from Nvidia
S-ATA Raid (some good motherboards)
paired with some Seagate HDD gonna rock
This is my next upgrade want to do
(now i have a soltek kt333 )

erwos 03-09-03 10:43 AM

If "has Firewire" is important right now, I wouldn't go with nForce2 - I've heard some implementations have broken IEEE-1394a support at the moment.

Possibly the KT400A may fit your bill, but that won't be out for a month or two yet.


mariuz 03-11-03 07:41 AM

just buy the nforce2
is the best socket A motherboard money
can buy . When i will got mine tell you how
good it is . KT400A isn't here (2 months) also
NVIDIA rocks at drivers (Ehhh there are some
small problems in 2d linux but is ok) . Also the
Dual Channel is Good Thing (tm) this is why the
next intella chipsets got Dual Channel Inside .
Just want to hear the 5.1 Suround Unreal 2003 hehehe
:) with Nforce 2 . My next upgrade of motherboard is this http://www.soltek.com.tw/English/product/75frn-r.htm

forkandwait 03-12-03 12:48 PM

5.1 and linux?

is there "5.1" linux support?
and what about the quality of the nvidia nforce driver? no crashes, etc...?

does agp 8x work with linux?



niklas :p

blueworm 03-14-03 11:22 AM

asus a7n8x 2400xp
(overclocked 166x13.5 now runs perfectly at 2800xp
specs)a saving of 300 EURO or USD whatever!
I havent tried agp 8x , it should work, but I dont know cos I dont have one. Nevertheless GF4-4200 runs like a mad man. bare in mind the difference between 4x and 8x is negligable read tomsharware articles on the subject.
I dont know about firewire stock a7n8x does'nt have one. although delux version does.
nvidia drivers for audio don't support full duplex, use alsa drivers instead.
nforce2 should be faster than kt400. even in linux.

forkandwait 03-16-03 12:13 PM

thx for the help!
my decision:
im going to buy an
Asus A7N8X Deluxe SocketA/nVidia nForce2 ATX Sound / LAN / S-ATA / RAID / FireWire



Niklas :)

ErnieS 03-18-03 08:58 PM

I recommend the LeadteK K7NCR18D-pro. The price is great and it's rock solid and running Gentoo here. The system is 3 weeks old and ran a full system recompile that took about 36 hours and the thing never coughed once. AthlonXP's need a lot of air but 2 case fans and the stock heatsink and fan keep the processor at about 110 degrees F even under heavy load The 5.1 stereo support is "on the way", the on-board nic is solid and supported well by nvidia lm-sensor support is in the CVS version 2.8.0 so it will work now if you want to go CVS or soon if you're patient like me

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