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wEEt 12-24-06 04:38 PM

Can you trust the "Optimal Frequencies"?
I just tried to overclock my 7900GT and I just checked "Detect Optimal Frequencies" in the driver panel. As a result, he's telling me to use 540/1500 MHz, which is quite a lot as I think. Can I trust these results or is it possible, that I'm killing my system when using these settings? I'm not very experienced in overclocking so it would be nice, if you could give me some advice.
Thanks! (xmassign)

crainger 12-24-06 05:05 PM

Re: Can you trust the "Optimal Frequencies"?
I never trusted them. I had a 6800GT which I used the "Optimal Frequencies". I had some pretty bad artifacts with Tiger Woods 2004.

Haven't tested the feature with my 8800GTX yet. To scared to overclock in the Aussie summer :D

ViN86 12-24-06 05:06 PM

Re: Can you trust the "Optimal Frequencies"?
use a program to monitor the temps on your GPU while youre playing a game (for about 20-30 min id say) and if the temps go too high (above 80C probably) then cut back on the OC.

if your temps are fine, then go with it and consider yourself lucky to get a good OC'ing card (cheers)

wEEt 12-25-06 06:36 AM

Re: Can you trust the "Optimal Frequencies"?
Thanks, I tried 540/1500 for several hours now and no artifacts, temps are @ 72C under load. I'm very impressed (xmasgrin)

john19055 12-26-06 05:23 PM

Re: Can you trust the "Optimal Frequencies"?
I never trusted the Optimal Frequencies ,I would always download ATITOOL and find my overclocks and then set it with my control pannel,with the 97.44 I use the Ntune which works good it even keeps my overclocks when I turn off my Computer.

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