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NickDeGraeve 12-27-06 05:47 AM

Strange patterns on screen
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Since yesterday I'm having strange patterns all over my screen. (see attached screenshot) The block patterns seem to be parts of the screen copied from elsewhere on the screen.
These patterns appear in Linux, LILO's bootmenu, while booting Windows and in Windows itself. When I run DirectX diagnostics, DirectDraw tests are ok. With Direct3D the tests for '7' are ok (still, I see the strange patterns) but for '8' and '9' it just shows a blank screen. (see attached DirectX report)

I have a GeForce FX5900 w/ 256MB @AGP

Any idea what could be the problem?

(PS I accidentally posted this question in the wrong forum but I put a link to this thread in there.)

XDanger 01-13-07 10:51 AM

Re: Strange patterns on screen
Turn off all non essentials and see if still happens ,check your IRQs ,fans ,power supply ,your next door neighbors dog etc.
Your card looks frazzled to me though.
Have you tried UNDERclocking?

Gentle 01-16-07 05:16 AM

Re: Strange patterns on screen
It may be permanent damage to the video card, or....

It may be something simple like an accumulation of dust on the video card or heatsink/fan.

Power down and inspect the inside of the case for dust.


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