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tmm 03-06-03 01:05 PM

RedHat 8.0 and Nvidia GeForce4 440 32MB
Dell Latitude C840
Nvidia GeForce4 440 32MB
RedHat 8.0
XFree86 4.2.0

Display - 1280x1024 16bit
Display driver - vesa

Now for the problem.
The computer crashes when trying to set the display to 24bit. Is 24bit not supported by XFree86, Nvidia, or RedHat? I'd like to get this working so as to prevent the rewriting code for my data analysis program. Thanks in advance.


brainspank 03-07-03 12:15 AM

I'm not using the same hardware, so I can't give a great answer, but I wondering if it isn't the driver in your XF86Config...

is the 440 not supported by the nvidia.o kernel module? why are you using vesa driver? I haven't checked, but is 1024x768x16 supported by the card? just asking, I don't know the specs...


tmm 03-07-03 08:21 AM

Thanks for replying. Turns out it is all solved by updating to the nvidia driver.

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