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emaan 12-31-06 12:29 PM

Overclocking with caution...help required!

I have a geforce 6800xt 256mb DDR3 PCI E card ,n i have tried overclocking it using riva tuner. Im a total alien to this overclocking thing...so am very cautious not to burn the whole thing up.

I have the frequencies at 425mhz core clock/ 1175mhz memory clock. The default is at 350mhz/1000mhz. Im still using the stock cooling. The temperature of the gpu rises to about 71c after an hour of play. I have a 380 watt cooler master power supply.

Plz tell me, will this overclocking result in any harm to my card??? Will it affect its lifespan or cause any other trouble? Im not gonna increase the frequencies any further. Should i keep these settings or revert back to the default frequency??

And, i have intel 2.8mhz D processor...the dual core thing. Is it any better than the conventional intel processors of the same speed, game play wise???

Note: I havent seen any BIG improvement in the FPS after overclocking:(


john19055 01-12-07 08:49 AM

Re: Overclocking with caution...help required!
Any overclocking can shorten the life span ,but heat is what kills or shorten the life span of a card,get a good after market cooler if you want to overclock ,but the settings you have now should be fine.Most of the 6800 ran in the low 70c with a load.

SLippe 01-13-07 12:13 AM

Re: Overclocking with caution...help required!
Yup, what he said. Those cards run hot anyways. Get yourself a Zalman VF900. Plus, the stock hsf collects dust and clogs very easily.

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