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blueworm 03-06-03 04:05 PM

a7n8x mandrake 9.0 No full Duplex
Sound works fine good quality.
problems with full duplex on cinelerra and on
taztv nagra decode,
Are there any modules.conf options that can activate it?
Beats me,
Nothing strange in dmesg or in /varlog/messages.

Delleon 03-10-03 01:41 PM

From what I understand, the i810_audio kernel module used by the nforce chipset doesn't support full-duplex audio. I switched to the Alsa drivers, which DO work at full-duplex with the nforce.

blueworm 03-14-03 11:26 AM

Thanx .
alsa-driver-0.9.0rc8d works perfectly full duplex everything. Just followed the instructions on the alsa web page.

erwos 03-14-03 01:50 PM

ALSA is being phased into the 2.6 kernels (already in 2.5, I think), so with any luck, we won't have to worry about this issue for much longer. It's also nicer than OSS because there's no single vendor to be relied on - there's actually a commerical OSS which releases under GPL every so often.


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