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foraker 01-03-07 03:10 AM

PCI-E Geforce 6800 Problem
I recently got a used PNY PCI Express Geforce 6800. It runs fine in windows, but I'm getting some freezes in World of Warcraft, the only game I've really tested it yet. What happens is sometimes the game freezes for ~10-20 seconds, then continues fine. Other times it freezes, and I have to ctrl alt del to reboot, or it just reboots itself. Most noticeable is it crashed to desktop with the graphics in safe mode capability. it said the "nv_4 drivers stopped working" and to reboot to fix it (which worked).

It's fairly random as to when a freeze occurs, I've gone over an hour without one. I'd appreciate any help in fixing this, or determining whether the card is defective and can't be worked around. (it'll be a bad first ebay experience).


Quick420 01-03-07 11:13 AM

Re: PCI-E Geforce 6800 Problem
Control Panel,Add/Remove programs,remove nvidia display drivers.Re-install these http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_2k_93.71.html note the temperature.

Post your system specs.Be as descriptive as possible Cpu,Motherboard,memory,O/S etc we'll fix ya yup

foraker 01-03-07 05:58 PM

Re: PCI-E Geforce 6800 Problem
Yeah I have the 93.71 drivers. I first installed the drivers from the CD, had the problem, did the add/remove thing, and installed the new ones.
I have a Pentium 4, 2.8GHZ, 3.12gigs of ram (don't know kind), Windows XP version 2002 service pack 2, the mobo is Intel® Desktop Board D915GEV1 (http://www.intel.com/products/motherboard/d915gev/)
I looked at properties in device manager for the processor and it says
Not sure if that helps.

I used riva tuner to watch the temperature when playing world of warcraft. played a battleground (w/o freezing). It was at 49 degrees celsius when idling at desktop, it peaked at 61 degrees during gameplay, which I believe isn't high at all.

I appreciate the help, thanks

Quick420 01-04-07 12:03 AM

Re: PCI-E Geforce 6800 Problem
Look at rivatuner and note the clock and memory speeds.I'm gonna hazard a guess here,you didnt format after switching cards did you? A fresh install will help determine if it is indeed a video-card issue or a software related issue.(most likely windows needs repair and the new card is suffering from it)

foraker 01-04-07 02:26 AM

Re: PCI-E Geforce 6800 Problem
Previous to this card it was running off integrated graphics. No I haven't reformated. I went and checked in display drivers though, and the only one currently there is the geforce card, which means thats what its running.

at idle:
core clock is 324mhz
memory clock is 598.5mhz

No time atm to check during lots of spell effects.

Quick420 01-04-07 10:15 AM

Re: PCI-E Geforce 6800 Problem
Ok,so the integrated crap is turned off in the bios...
Is your molex connector connected to the new video card? They need a minimum 350watt power/supply.(sticker on p/s) If the system was completley stable before the card,it will either be a windows software issue or the power supply not being quite up to the task,I upgraded to a 450watt antec when I purchased my 6800,and then to 500watt when I purchased a 7900gt.This is another avenue to look at.I forgot they were power hungry little cards....most likely the problem,especially if you get no video corruption while playing.

XFX Support 01-04-07 04:57 PM

Re: PCI-E Geforce 6800 Problem
You may want to try the 84.21 driver from http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_2k_84.21.html This is a great driver for the 6 series card. Have you contacted PNY for support as well?

XFX Support

foraker 01-05-07 12:02 AM

Re: PCI-E Geforce 6800 Problem
I tried the 84.21 drivers and they didn't help. By molex connector, do you mean the extra power cord? This card doesn't have one (my AGP Geforce 6800 in another computer did though). I get no video corruption during play, except these freezes. Sometimes it freezes and recovers, other times it crashes. It's a 380W which really should be fine I think. I got this card for temporary use during the holidays so buying a new PSU just for 2 weeks when it's not definitely the problem is really out of the question. And yeah the system was completely stable when running integrated graphics, and the computer with the card never crashes when just on the desktop. I'm going to try playing wc3 and see if it will crash in that.

Quick420 01-05-07 09:00 AM

Re: PCI-E Geforce 6800 Problem
Since is to be used in a limited fashion,why not try UNDERclocking it a wee bit everytime it freezes,till it stops freezing.****ty solution but it may help.

foraker 01-06-07 12:07 AM

Re: PCI-E Geforce 6800 Problem
I unplugged a couple accessories (second hard drive, floppy) to free up power but made no difference. Also tried turning off Anistropic filters in WoW, would have tried AA but WoW doesn't seem to use it, or at least has no option to turn it off.

I don't see how I can underclock it... in Riva tuner the clock speed sliders are already set to the mininum...

Quick420 01-06-07 10:06 AM

Re: PCI-E Geforce 6800 Problem
I'll look for something that will let you enter your clockspeeds as numbers instead of sliders......just thought about PowerStrip http://www.entechtaiwan.com/util/ps.shtm I'm pretty sure you can enter your clockspeeds as well as using the slider technique,try lowering the core first since your memory isnt artifacting leave it alone.Hope it helps,your P/S is sufficient,if this doesnt help...sink the pink and format.

foraker 01-08-07 09:23 PM

Re: PCI-E Geforce 6800 Problem
I tried downclocking. It seems to help a little, but not fix it. Sometimes I go longer w/o a crash (but sometimes I do crash after a short time), but I don't get the more frequent freeze and then recovers.

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