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Kristov 03-07-03 05:06 AM

NVIDIA bugs...
Here some problem I've encounter with nvidia driver.

First of All here is my config :
Riva TNT2 XFree 4.3.0 Mandrake 9.1RC2 (kernel 2.4.21)

I've compiled the NVIDIA_KERNEL and NVIDIA_GLX from source (1.0-4191) with gcc 3.2.2 (with flag IGNORE_CC_MISMATCH)

All works after modifying my XFree86 config file (driver="nvidia" and load GLX) ...

But here are my problems (without nvidia driver but default one from XFree(nv) all is correct) :

- when I launch an application that require OpenGL, sometimes (50% of the time) it's hang completely my computer (in fact my computer seem to work fine (downloads, servers, etc...), except that keyboard and mouse doesn't work anymore

- when I launch an application that require OpenGL but didn't hang my computer (the other 50% of the time), all seems hang for about 2-3 seconds and after that delay everything works fine

- finally when I set in GNOME a theme with textures over control (like smokey-blue), the textures are corrupted (works fine without NVIDIA driver)

So if someone could tells me : "Yes that's NVIDIA driver issues and it will be corrected in other releases", I would thank him :-)


erwos 03-07-03 08:57 AM

The 4191 drivers are known to be buggy and slow due to the removal of XRENDER. Wait for the new release, and downgrade to the 31XX series until then.

Also, make sure you aren't using SBA or FWs.


Kristov 03-07-03 09:55 AM

Thank you for your answer
What does SBA and FW mean ?


borgzilla 03-07-03 03:59 PM

SBA = Side Band Addressing
FW = Fast Writes

That's something that does nothing as many other features which we can find in our expensive video cards.

BekA 03-07-03 07:04 PM

How to check that ?
How can I check wheter I use FW and/or SBA ?


borgzilla 03-07-03 08:52 PM

type this in console
cat /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/status

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