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ViN86 01-11-07 10:04 AM

Write your own Windows and XBOX360 games (thx microsoft :D)
its been out for about a month, but say hello to the XNA Game Studio Express


it seems its free for windows, but there could be a fee involved for 360 (dont know yet, im at work and plan to research it fully when i get home, heh).


Originally Posted by XNA Website
XNA Game Studio Express 1.0 Released
The XNA team is proud to announce the availability of the 1.0 release of XNA Game Studio Express and the XNA Framework, aimed at helping students and hobbyists build games for Windows and the Xbox 360. This release supports both Windows game development and Xbox 360 development (subscription to the XNA Creators Club is required in order to run XNA-based games on the Xbox 360)

at the current time, running 360 games requires a hard drive, but it seems they hope to have CD/DVD and/or memory card based games in the future for ppl to share their games.

DaveW 01-11-07 11:18 AM

Re: Write your own Windows and XBOX360 games (thx microsoft :D)
You need the $100/year subscription to create XB 360 games. I also believe anyone your share you game with needs the same.

For the PC its just a layer of abstraction for DirectX and you are free to release and distribute games written in it, people just have to download the XNA framework to play.

I looked at it briefly. GameStudio express is just C# Express with a couple of extra application templates. XNA is definitely a step forward from Managed Direct X 9, however its still looks overly complicated. The SpaceWar sample is a horrible introduction - thousands of lines of code for a very simple 2D shooter BLEH. Hopefully they will build a strong community with some good simple tutorials, though MS seems intent on making you pay for that stuff.

Check out Irrlicht - http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/ With it you can load and render a Quake 3 map, with a mouse-controlled camera, with collision detection, in just one page of code.

|MaguS| 01-11-07 11:38 AM

Re: Write your own Windows and XBOX360 games (thx microsoft :D)
You never needed anything special other then a compiler to write Windows Games... As for X360... Im staying away from console development as a hobby... windows only for me...

ViN86 01-11-07 03:21 PM

Re: Write your own Windows and XBOX360 games (thx microsoft :D)
i still think its incredible that they offer the studio for free.

Greg 01-14-07 08:03 AM

Re: Write your own Windows and XBOX360 games (thx microsoft :D)
This is nice, and a step in the right direction, but...

At present, the creator must distribute their entire source code and at least final assets. The end user must subsribe as a developer also, and build the code to run it.

This is highly ironic for Microsoft, a vocal critic of shared source code and defender of intellectual property rights. It sounds a lot like 'What's ours we keep, what's yours we share', which in turn sounds a lot like another political persuasion.

Microsoft says it is 'working on this issue', and intends independant developers to produce hit titles and large percentages of titles, in up coming years. I believe this, because it is in their interest to create lots of content, and inovative content, however, don't expect there to be lots of free content, as this goes completely against MS vision for the 360 platform. Their vision is a platform for consumers to repeat purchase, low price, high volume content for their lounge room consuption. I'm sure they don't mind if a developer is paid nothing for their work, so long as they can have a dollar for each game downloaded, or at least on going subscription fees.

Anyway, that's my opinion, but an educated one, and I have been to their show and tell sessions.

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