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Lethe 01-13-07 07:53 AM

New cards in old AGP slots
Hi all,

Can anybody tell me please what newer cards can run in old AGP slots/MoBos.

My MoBo is an KT7 (apollo KT133 chipset) and the manual states:

Accelerated Graphics Port connection supports AGP 2x (3.3v) and 4x (1.5v) mode (sideband) device.

I am currently using a FX550 @ AGP x2 and it works fine; ... but I need to upgrade though (if I can) as FlightGear sim requires a bit of oomph (I get around 20 fps at daytime (good), and around 6 fps at night by the runway - (unplayable)).



Thunderbird 01-13-07 08:42 AM

Re: New cards in old AGP slots
I wouldn't recommend putting a new card on this motherboard. Your fx550 is equivalent to the geforce4mx. There are quite some other AGP cards like the geforcefx series and even members of the geforce6 and geforce7 series are available in AGP. The problem is that to take advantage of these faster cards you need a relatively fast cpu. Second your motherboard still uses old SDR memory which also holds performance back a lot.

I would recommend you to upgrade motherboard, cpu and ram. If you do that I expect that the videocard you choose won't matter much for your purpose. Even the onboard geforce6 class GPU on Geforce 6100/6150 motherboards can fullfill your needs.

boow 01-13-07 07:07 PM

Re: New cards in old AGP slots

Lethe 03-28-07 02:59 PM

Re: New cards in old AGP slots
OK, after a lot of thought, and a lot of reading... I went for it.

First, I did not want to upgrade my computer - everything I run is built from source and optimised - xorg e.g. I only built the drivers I needed.

So anyway, I bought a GeForce 7600GS 512MB AGP tonight.

WOW. Flightgear is a new experience!!! - I can run it with all the eye candy and also fly at night!

For info. only:
Old card FX5500 - glxgears reports 3400ish @ 16 bit.
new card 7600GS - glxgears reports 6700ish @ 16 bit.

So, you _can_ run new AGP cards in old AGP slots. But you need to do a bit of research.

The page below I read and reread before looking for a new card - then in the shop I asked the if I could return it if it didn't work - the "yes" made me go for it.

This is well worth a bookmark.



kgroombr 03-29-07 07:22 AM

Re: New cards in old AGP slots

Originally Posted by Lethe
So, you _can_ run new AGP cards in old AGP slots. But you need to do a bit of research.

Your case is probably the exception and not the norm. I have had motherboards with this same chipset and had nothing but problems with them as far as AGP compatibility. There were a few users that had success, but again, they were few and far between.

I am glad it worked for you.


spaceigg 03-29-07 07:57 AM

Re: New cards in old AGP slots
as long as the AGP card supports 4x it will be fine

krionius 03-29-07 09:05 AM

Re: New cards in old AGP slots
I used an NF7 with a 6800. I had some few not fatal driver issues, but speed was all OK, not far from as expected with newer MoBos.

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