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Dazz 01-13-07 06:21 PM

Overclocking not sticking
I am not able to use Ntune to overclock my ASUS 8800GTX as it freezes every single time. Smart doctor works but don't really like it much. So try Riva Tuner however the clocks don't stick it's set to 633MHz / 1000MHz DDR but after a minuite or so applying the settings it back down to 575MHz but the memory says the same 1000MHz Any ideas?

Xion X2 01-13-07 06:48 PM

Re: Overclocking not sticking
Try the latest release of ATi Tool. I had no problem OC'ng my GTX to 650/2100 with it.

If it still does the same thing after that, check your PSU.

swaaye 03-01-07 02:01 AM

Re: Overclocking not sticking
I can overclock core, but not RAM. Rivatuner & ATITool will set to whatever I want, but I never find a limit and nTune always says 900 MHz.

I assume that by 2100 MHz you mean 1050 MHz real clock? Cuz there's no way in hell that the ram is running 4200 MHz DDR.

Xion X2 03-01-07 03:00 AM

Re: Overclocking not sticking
Of course, yes. You double the RAM.

SLippe 03-01-07 06:07 AM

Re: Overclocking not sticking
Overclocking is never a guaranteed thing, but you should be able to do some kind of overclock. How's the cooling in your case? Could be a PSU problem, too. Good luck.

swaaye 03-01-07 12:45 PM

Re: Overclocking not sticking
No no. I'm not having any stability problems. I can not get the RAM on my 8800 to overclock at all with anything other than nTune (which sucks). I change clocks in, say, ATI Tool or Rivatuner and they appear to change. But, I can just keep going up and up and up and nothing happens lol. Rivatuner's monitor shows the RAM at 900 MHz stock.

Is there some issue with the 97.92 XP drivers and these apps? Rivatuner did say it didn't recognize 97.92 when I installed it.

Core overclocks fine. RAM doesn't move.

FYI, I'm running a OCZ Gamexstream 600W.

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