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|MaguS| 01-13-07 10:39 PM

Samsung HL-S5087W?
Anyone try these out? My TV is acting weird (turns off by itself randomly) and well I wanted to move up in quality/size, is this model good? Im currently using a 47" Westinghouse. I mainly use it for my PS3 and Wii but once I move I plan to have all my consoles on it (X360 and PS2 aswell). SD TV isn't that important to me...

HL-S5088W is said to have PIP but is the IQ any different? Im basically looking for a TV around the 42"+ for no more then $2K, I got my funds tied somewhere else at this time.

superklye 01-13-07 11:25 PM

Re: Samsung HL-S5087W?
Ha! Crazy! My dad just bought this TV this morning from Circuit City. :) It should be delivered on Wednesday. The reviews on it are all stellar and he said he was absolutely blown away by it in the store.

I'll let you know what I think of it when I go home later in the week to check out it, but from reading the reviews, I'd say it's a good purchase.

Plus, there are some coupons online for Circuit City that give 10% off TVs over $500 (or $1500), so you can save even more by getting it through them.

Plus, they have free delivery. :)

|MaguS| 01-13-07 11:36 PM

Re: Samsung HL-S5087W?
You don't have a PS3 right? Blah! Would like to know how it looks on it... got an X360? :o

I loved my Westinghouse but its not under warrenty so when/if it goes dead im TVless.

superklye 01-13-07 11:54 PM

Re: Samsung HL-S5087W?
My dad has no gaming consoles, nor does he have an HD player of either flavor. I don't live with my parents. :)

I'll bring my A2 over next weekend maybe and hook it up to check it out.

Single Player 01-23-07 02:44 AM

Re: Samsung HL-S5087W?
this is a nice 42" 1080p LCD TV Sharp AQUOS® 42" LCD HDTV


That samsung HL-S5087W actually not a bad choice. I've watched some blu-ray dvds on it at my friends house,pretty good picture.
i have the same tv but it's 720p HL-S5086W .

superklye 01-23-07 07:03 AM

Re: Samsung HL-S5087W?
My dad's set was pretty awesome. He hadn't messed with any of the calibration settings and the little bit I did, I was able to get the picture looking really nice (at least I thought so).

Discovery HD Theater was breathtaking (we watched Sunrise Earth for a bit and kind of got entranced. :))

I can't wait to go home for a night or two and bring home the A2 to see HD DVD on that set. Buy it Mag...it's a great purchase. :D

thor1182 01-23-07 07:45 AM

Re: Samsung HL-S5087W?
I have been looking at this line myself, but I am going to try and get the 60 or 56. So far the only negatives about this set I have found is that Samsung support blows, so if something happens to go wrong, you are screwed, so make sure you get a store warranty that will cover repairs on the bulb or color wheel.

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