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baldbrad 01-13-07 11:01 PM

ram and prime 95
Hello all,question about prime95.

I'am OCing a p4 2.6c northwood,i have it stable at 3.21 at 1.6 vcore,temps are runing around 50c(i was running around 58-59 till i blew all the dust off the HSF,im really suprised at the drop in temp becuase there wasnt that much dust) while running prime95.

I'm more than happy with the speed,dont want to go any higher as i am using a stock HSF.

Im ready to lower the timings on my ram.I'm using generic ddr400,running at 410 with a 5:4 divider,stock voltage.

My question is as i lower the timings if its to tight will it show up on Prime95 as an error?

Xion X2 01-13-07 11:04 PM

Re: ram and prime 95
Run Windows Memtest. It'll stress your memory much better than Prime and find errors easier:


Run one instance of it for each stick that you have, and pay attention to how much it tells you to test once you click on "start testing." Type whatever amount it gives you into each window.

And keep an eye on your memory temps, because the sticks will get hot. If you don't have heatspreaders and they feel they're getting too hot, then just run the "blend" test in Prime.

hemmy 01-16-07 01:51 PM

Re: ram and prime 95
Even Prime blend is very sensitive to unstable memory, so if you can >24hrs prime blend 99.9% it is perfectly stable

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