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L33t Masta 01-14-07 02:46 AM

OVerclocking PentiumD 950
Well, I have 3.93 GHz right now but I don't know what the right settings would be if i switched to manual overclocking to get 4 GHz. My system goes unstable at a 20% OC but thats the next profile up. Right now I'm kicking a 15% OC. What must I do to obtain those magical 7 MHz to get me 4 GHz?

Dudes__Geof_ 01-14-07 10:14 AM

Re: OVerclocking PentiumD 950
That's not 7Mhz, that's 70Mhz.. Unfortunately I don't know how to OC Intel processors, so I'll leave that to someone else.

SlieTheSecond 01-14-07 11:02 AM

Re: OVerclocking PentiumD 950
Increase cpu voltages, increase ram voltages, lower ram speeds, increase ram latencies, disable anything that interferes with overclocking, better cooling. There is a load of things that can be done. But there are other things that get affected when overclocking the cpu too.

Do some google on research for overclocking your specific processor. I don't know what any safe limits are for it, as I have never used it.
If you go too far you can damage it.

Or maby 3.93 is already its limit.

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