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nrdstrm 01-14-07 06:15 PM

What Should I Do?
On my PC, I have Logitech Z560's (4.1 400w RMS). My boss just gave me some Logitech Z5500's (5.1 500w RMS). I can't decide if I want to connect them to my PC (and maybe sell the 560's) or just keep the 560's on my computer, and use the 5500's for my TV/Stereo. Right now I have a kind of weak surround system on the TV...
What do ya guys think?

buffbiff21 01-14-07 06:21 PM

Re: What Should I Do?
Do you already have speakers for your TV? I say go with the best speakers for the TV if you use that more.

For me, I have a receiver, so I hook ALL my stuff up to it. :D But if I listen to music and play games the most, so I would hook my best stuff up to my computer. (given I did not have my receiver)

If the speakers are new and you already have decent TV speakesr, then you could sell em. You could get aroudn 300 for them last time I checked. :captnkill:

Slammin 01-15-07 06:20 PM

Re: What Should I Do?
Yes, connect the 5.1 to the TV if you don't already have a home theater system hooked to it.

I only have Klipsch 4.1 on my PC but do not really feel like I'm missing anything by not having 5.1, but my home theater system rocks with 5.1!

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