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Mr. Fuzzums 01-15-07 10:40 PM

Black screen problem installing FC6 64-bit with 8800GTX
Hi folks,

I have been running Fedora Core 6 64-bit for a little while now to support the Folding@Home Linux SMP client, and things were fine and dandy until Santa left me enough moolah to purchase an 8800GTX; now I can't get FC6 to cooperate.

After the first indication there was a problem I decided to blow away my Linux partition and start clean, so I'm trying to work with a fresh install. The install goes great, but then at the moment when the bootup screen normally goes to the graphical progress bar everything either goes black or black with a single line at the top of the screen. If I boot with a rescue disc, run system-config-display and then change my monitor type to 'Generic LCD 1680x1050' I can reboot and get to the point where I create a user and configure sound/firewall/selinux and so on. When I reboot after that I will see the graphical boot progress, but then at the point where I should see a graphical login prompt I get a black screen again and my only option seems to be hitting CTRL-ALT-DEL to reboot again. According to the xorg.conf file the system is using the generic VESA driver. A few system specs:

ASUS A8N-SLI Premium, 1302 BIOS
Athlon 64 X2 4600+
2GB Corsair PC4000 RAM
Dell 2005 FPW (attached via DVI)
Seagate 320GB SATA II (first)
Seagate 300GB SATA I (second)

I am installing FC6 as a dual boot with WinXP; I have a 40GB partition on the second drive dedicated to FC6 with the remainder of the second drive and all of the first going to Windows.

Is there some kind of workaround or extra tweaking I'm missing that'll get me in long enough to install the Nvidia drivers and proceed with the rest of the updates?

Thanks muchly for any wisdom you can impart.

Mr. F

tbeckman 01-16-07 06:59 PM

Re: Black screen problem installing FC6 64-bit with 8800GTX
Install in text mode, then after you get the nvidia driver installed, change the init level to 5 instead of 3.

Mr. Fuzzums 01-16-07 07:29 PM

Re: Black screen problem installing FC6 64-bit with 8800GTX
Thanks, I'll give it a shot. As it is right now I think I blew up something in GRUB in all my futzing around and I can't even begin to boot. Once I get that sorted out I'll try text mode.

Mr. Fuzzums 01-17-07 03:15 PM

Re: Black screen problem installing FC6 64-bit with 8800GTX
UPDATE: That was the trick, installing in text mode and changing the runlevel after the driver install. It took me a little bit to get the prerequisites for the driver install in place, but it was a learning experience and I'm now basking in the glow of a 1680x1050 KDE desktop. Thanks!

Mr. F

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