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lsm 01-16-07 08:30 AM

drivers > 8776 breaks hibernate (GeForce 6400) VAIO
Hibernate (i.e. suspend to RAM) works great on my VAIO FS790 (GeForce 6400) running drivers 8776 or earlier. With 9xxx drivers, hibernate doesn't work -- the screen just goes dark, the system non-responsive, but power seems still to be on.

Is this a known bug with the 9xxx drivers? Any expectation of a fix?

I run native xorg-x11 (not XGL) beryl on my other boxes, but can't on this laptop without a 9xxx driver. But this laptop is on the go and I need suspend.

Thank you kindly.

lsm 01-18-07 02:21 PM

Re: drivers > 8776 breaks hibernate (GeForce 6400) VAIO
Is this a known bug? Is a fix anticipated?

huiii 01-19-07 01:51 PM

Re: drivers > 8776 breaks hibernate (GeForce 6400) VAIO
hello, i'm having a similar problem:
i've got nvidia gforce6600go on laptop 2ghz pentium m,,,running on ubuntu 6.10.
without nvidia drivers (9xxx) enabled suspend and hybernating works.
when they're enabled and i send laptop to sleep it makes all nice colors, specially blue, than screen gets black and than small login-window appears asking for password.
this happens also when switching level (pressing ctrl+alt+f1 for example),
which means that it is not possible anymore.
when shuting down, ubuntu splash screen is nearly not recognizeble, but all kind of wonderfull blue colors and some inspiring hints of red and yellow..
whats going on and what can i do about it.???

huiii 11-13-07 03:22 AM

Re: drivers > 8776 breaks hibernate (GeForce 6400) VAIO
since ubuntu gutsy suspend and hybernate working fine.

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