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jlacroix 01-16-07 06:14 PM

Low Framerates With NVidia 7100GS
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Yeah I know, this card supposedly isn't the highest end card I could buy but still.

I have an AMD 2800+ (64-bit, using Kubuntu Edgy 64-bit version) with 1GB system RAM.

I just put this computer together. I used to use an older AMD system with a BFG Geforce FX card 256MB of vram. Back then glxgears gave me a framerate of 2800+ fps. Not the greatest but it was good enough for me.

This new system I have doesn't have an AGP port so I couldn't use that card anymore. Now I have an Nvidia 7100GS PCI Express-16 with 256MB (Linux reports it as 512MB, must be turbo cache) and with Kubuntu's nvidia driver, I'm getting a measilly 1400 frames per second.

I know I can't expect astronomically high values here, but I feel I should at least get just as much performance as my old AGP card.

Attached is my xorg.conf file. :)

Did I set it up incorrectly?

AaronP 01-16-07 06:20 PM

Re: Low Framerates With NVidia 7100GS
glxgears is not a reliable benchmark. Are you having performance problems in actual applications or games?

netllama 01-16-07 06:26 PM

Re: Low Framerates With NVidia 7100GS
glxgears is not a useful benchmark. Are you experiencing performance problems with any real world OpenGL applications? If so, please generate and attach an nvidia-bug-report.log.


jlacroix 01-16-07 06:39 PM

Re: Low Framerates With NVidia 7100GS
I'm not having any errors that I'm aware of. It just concerns me that the framerate with glxgears is lower than it used to be. Is there a GLX game that I can have display fps so I can see for sure?

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