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|JuiceZ| 01-17-07 09:48 AM

Similar Threads (enabled)
I enabled Similar threads options for the forum that will display any threads similar to the one you're posting in at the bottom of the page. This should help cut down on duplicate threads. Right now it is taking a couple extra seconds to open a new thread as the auto search for similar threads was just enabled but that should go back to normal after the initial indexing completes. If it hampers performance too much though I'll disable it. Please post your feedback, thanks.

*this only works on new threads created after the option was enabled*

ViN86 01-17-07 10:22 AM

Re: Similar Threads (enabled)
good idea imo

einstein_314 01-18-07 09:03 PM

Re: Similar Threads (enabled)
Whoa! I just noticed this feature! that's pretty cool! I didn't know that was possible! I don't know why I'm putting !'s at the end of every sentance!


crainger 01-19-07 12:22 AM

Re: Similar Threads (enabled)
LOL @ the similar threads to this thread.

Seriously though it will be a handy little gadget. :thumbsup:

crainger 01-19-07 07:43 AM

Re: Similar Threads (enabled)
It's the thought that counts.

glObalist 01-29-07 03:24 AM

Re: Similar Threads (enabled)
Doesn't work for me. Anyone know why?

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