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last_atarian 01-17-07 10:40 PM

GL jerky then freezes
For some time now through different Nvidia cards and different kernels, I have been experiencing a problem with GL games. It will start up fine and operate for a short while with no problems. Then I will notice some slight 'jitters' in the graphics. The jitters then start turning into the graphics freezing for several seconds at a time until finally it just locks up. While it's locked up, I sometimes can move the mouse (very slowly) and get the game to close and all is well again. Many times I must restart the machine to get it going again.

I had this problem originally with an AGP Nvidia card and Mandrake 10. Much time has passed and I have upgraded to the point where I now am using the following:

PCI-E eVGA GForce 6800XT
NVIDIA driver 1.0-9746
Kernel 2.6.17-5

There are no errors reported in dmesg. I know similar issues have been reported but I've not seen any resolutions relating to the PCI-E cards.


kgroombr 01-18-07 01:38 AM

Re: GL jerky then freezes
Have you tried both the nvagp and the agpgart? If you haven't switched, I would try the one you currently aren't using.

If you are using:

options nvidia NVreg_EnableAGPSBA=1 NVreg_EnableAGPFW=1

Disable each of these options and see if that makes a difference.

If you hadn't mentioned that you had this issue with different cards, I would say overheating. I had this problem before, and it turned out my GPU fan was kaput.

Good luck,

netllama 01-18-07 12:19 PM

Re: GL jerky then freezes

last_atarian 01-18-07 03:13 PM

Re: GL jerky then freezes
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Thanks. I did check out the sticky before I posted. None of those issues seem to apply.

netllama 01-18-07 03:56 PM

Re: GL jerky then freezes
From the sticky post:
"Please always include a copy of an nvidia-bug-report.log file"

last_atarian 01-18-07 04:07 PM

Re: GL jerky then freezes
I think I was adding it at the same time you replied. Sorry I didn't attach it originally. Thanks for the help.

netllama 01-18-07 04:25 PM

Re: GL jerky then freezes
I have a few questions:
0) Specifically which games exhibit this problem?
1) Does this problem persist if you're not using the Composite extension?
2) Does this problem persist if you're only using a single display device (instead of 2) or you use Twinview instead of separate X screens?
3) Was this bug report generated while the problem was present?


last_atarian 01-18-07 04:56 PM

Re: GL jerky then freezes
0) Some examples are FligthGear (very frequent), Vdrift, Neverball (fullscreen). The faster the action, the more likely the problem is to occur.
1) I tried this with the old AGP card but not this one. Will try and post results.
2) Yes, it happens with single screen too. I tried ripping out all of the twinview settings from the xorg.conf file before.
3) It isn't really possible for me to generate the log while it's happening from that machine but I can see if it will allow me to ssh into it and run it if that would help.


last_atarian 01-18-07 06:57 PM

Re: GL jerky then freezes
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Ok. I managed to ssh into the machine right after a freeze and attached the generated log. I also tried without the composite extension with no change.


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