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jeremy.bunn 01-18-07 03:01 PM

Works with Windows/ATI, Why Not NVIDIA/Linux
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I have a Sanyo HDTV model HT32744. When I hook it up to my laptop via DVI->HDMI cable, I can do 1080i without a problem from the EDID.

When I hook it up to my mythbox, I first get failure messages about the refresh rate. After applying the proper overrides, the 1080i displays but is jumpy, with things out of place and totally unusable. 720p works perfectly.

Attached is a bug report with the overrides in place.

I feel like this is very close to working, but the EDID modeline needs some tweaking. I have spent days trying to tweak it with no luck. I tried grabbing modelines from my laptop with PowerStrip that work. Applying them to my XF86Config did not work though. The result was no signal at all.

Can anyone help?


sharrq27 01-27-07 01:45 PM

Re: Works with Windows/ATI, Why Not NVIDIA/Linux
Have you had any luck?

I also have the HT32744 and am trying to run mythtv from a Nvidia DVI. I have success at 1280x720p, but I can't get 1920x1080i to run correctly. I have tried various modelines with and without EDID enabled and still nothing. No clues in the Xorg.0.log even with -logverbose 6, it looks almost identical to yours. I have a component video dongle that I am going to try now. I didn't want to because I will have to drop either my Xbox or DVD player to S-video.

jeremy.bunn 02-02-07 12:40 PM

Re: Works with Windows/ATI, Why Not NVIDIA/Linux
Still no luck. I am not the kind of guy to give up, but how much time can I dedicate to getting this thing going?

If you have luck, post back. I heard some have been able to get the component dongle working.

Now I am fighting digital sound, aughhh!!!!!!

Hmmm... 13 bucks a month for an HD DVR is seeming like a good deal :cool:

sharrq27 02-03-07 09:49 PM

Re: Works with Windows/ATI, Why Not NVIDIA/Linux
I got the Dongle to work at 1920x1080i with no problems, but I wasn't happy with the flickering in the mythtv gui. I just switched back the DVI/HDMI cable at 1280x720p and adjusted the gui for the overscan. I thought there would be a larger difference in the image quality since the broadcast was in 1080i and is being sent to the tv at 720p and then converted back to 1080i by the tv, but it looks great on the 720p. I was looking at PBS-HD material which in my opinion is some of the best 1080i material out there. Also there seemed to be less overscan on the 720p than there was on the 1080i. I am still new to this but that is my feedback. I am sure I will try to do some more work on this, but for now (at least until the superbowl is safely recorded) I am leaving it at the 720p over DVI/HDMI.

It sounds like you are about one step ahead of me, I want to work on the SPDIF output next. I have the SPDIF header on the MB, but the adapter wasn't included, so I will have to make my own, since they all seem to be proprietary. Again, for now, analog works.

Even though a mythtv box is more complicated, I think the advantages greatly outweigh the effort. Just being able to archive your recordings on a dvd is worth it to me, not to mention the other great features. I am hooked.

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