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DiggyDogZiggy 03-09-03 07:57 PM

ut2003 ready?
I got my geforce4 Ti 4200 configured and have to use "NvAGP" "2" as an option in order to startx. My glxgears says it is running at about 165 fps. Is this too slow to play ut2003? If so i am very sad. Also does anyone know how to install the demo? I downloaded the client version and it ends with sh.bin I dont know nuthin "bout that at all. i am sorry im stupid. You would think that i would know more about this stuff considering i started with redhat 6.1 and now am using 8.0. thanks for any info.

Wolfman [TWP] 03-09-03 11:52 PM

You need to rename the BIN file. As they named it that way so that it will download properly.

cp ut2003demo-lnx-xxxx.sh.bin ut2003demo-lnx-xxxx.sh

Once you have done that, use the chmod command as follows:-

chmod 755 ut2003demo-lnx-xxxx.sh (Make it executable)

then run it from a terminal window:-

sh ut2003demo-lnx-xxxx.sh or ./ut2003demo-lnx-xxxx.sh

(xxxx is the version number on the website)

then it should install. Leave the directories at their defaults.

You SHOULD see an icon for it when finished. RH8.0 you should find it in the 'EXTRA's' directory somewhere (Not on a Linux box at the moment). Click on that and it should run ok.

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