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LuckyLoop 01-24-07 06:47 AM

Best 2D card

I search a good chipset nvidia for a home cinema use.
If possible, a fanless with two DVI out to connect to a PC screen and a projector.

It is useful to take a 7300 or a 7600? or is a 6150 as well?

Thanks a lot,


ps: excuse my for my English...

johnkeel105 01-24-07 09:58 AM

Re: Best 2D card
Geforce 7600gt is a good card. Eventually the Geforce 8600GT will be out and it will be quite popular as the -600GT cards are usually good performers.

superklye 01-24-07 10:19 AM

Re: Best 2D card
I just hope that future verions of the 8x00 cards have dual-link DVI-D outputs so that those of us with 30" Dell displays can watch HD DVDs on our computers at 1080p. :o

vandalous 01-24-07 11:02 AM

Re: Best 2D card
Best 2D only cards have traditionally been by Matrox. Their image quality is top notch and they have some cool video breakout boxes now.

LuckyLoop 01-29-07 04:29 AM

Re: Best 2D card
Thank for your response ;)
Do you really think there are a big difference in 2D between a 7600GT and a 6150 ?


LuckyLoop 01-31-07 03:34 AM

Re: Best 2D card
It's in French because english version was wrong...

this document confirms what johnkeel105 said, the 7600GT is ideal.

Now I would like to find a card with hdcp, fanless and one hdmi ... :D

Ancient 01-31-07 08:43 AM

Re: Best 2D card

Originally Posted by LuckyLoop
Now I would like to find a card with hdcp, fanless and one hdmi ... :D

This is a 7600GS, not a GT but it's fanless, has HDCP, HDMI, and a DVI port.


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