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njain 01-25-07 06:28 AM

Trouble installing sound with AD1986a sndcard
Hi all, I'm relatively a newbie to the world of drivers, so I hope the next few lines don't appear very stupid!
I got a new motherboard (Asus A8N-VM) and have been trying to get my soundcard (Analog Devices AD1986a) working on linux (Suse 8.2). On the ALSA page for Analog Devices, I find drivers uptil AD1985 chipsets only - I did try installing the driver with the two options of intel8x0 and via82xx (i.e. modprobe snd-via82xx / modprobe snd-intel8x0, after the whole procedure of making and configuring), but they don't yield success! :(

Could anyone please throw some pointers or give me some links?

Thanks aprior,

whig 01-25-07 05:25 PM

Re: Trouble installing sound with AD1986a sndcard
Take the route of brute-force: download the latest knoppix cd and boot it. Should it come up with sound note which snd- modules are loaded and do the same with your Suse (is that version old?) If knoppix sound fails too, darn it. What I have done is buy a pci sound card (SB Live) that I know works well in linux.

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