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flin 01-25-07 07:23 AM

Geforce Go 6800 - Fan control - FreeBSD
Hi there,
i got a FSC Amilo m3438g Laptop with a "Nvidia Geforce Go 6800".
This Laptop has one Fan for CPU and GPU which is controlled by a chip on the GPU. The FreeBSD nvidia driver is, for now, not able to control the Fan-Speed.
and it runs all the time at Full Power.
My Question: Is it possible to include this feature in future drivers?

If you need any facts/infos/help about my System that will help You -feel free to contact me!


flin 01-30-07 11:41 PM

Re: Geforce Go 6800 - Fan control - FreeBSD
Well since nobody is answering or having the same problem :( - anyone know who i could contact to get help on this topic?

Spreech 03-14-07 12:20 PM

Re: Geforce Go 6800 - Fan control - FreeBSD
Hi flin,

I have exact the same problem like you!
And I know no answer :(
I hope that nvidia can fix this problem but I am still waiting for an answer of them...

Maybe anyone else solved this problem?


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