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csh 01-28-07 12:54 AM

nVidia 7900GS: LCD goes blank and back on now and then
Every once in awhile, my LCD monitor will go blank and then come back on.

This is with an EVGA 7900GS KO.

It happens in Windows and Linux both, but more often in Windows, a lot more often. In fact, I'm not certain it happens in Linux at all, as I could not reproduce the problem there.

The LCD monitor didn't show this problem on other systems or graphics cards.

When I upgraded the card, I put Linux and Windows on the latest drivers because the 9629-33 series had problems.

I never have any issues with Linux, Windows, applications or games on either OS. Frame rates are very good.

I have so far never seen the screen go blank while a game or OpenGL application was in fullscreen mode.

Any ideas?

Is there a way to trigger this problem easily so I can test faster? Right now, I have to change a setting and then sit and wait until it happens, which can be some time.

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