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ThoriN 08-17-02 11:07 PM

windows 98/xp mouse screw'up's
Ok, I have a question here, if anyone can answer it, please post back asap. The problem is...I had windows 98 for a long time...I don't know if anyone here is familiar with counterstrike..but i play that alot, and now that I got windows xp, I cannot aim because of the mouse problem in xp...If anyone knows how to fix this (I have herd it being called "laggy mouse problem", for opengl modes) I would really appreiciate you responding. Thanks

ALobpreis 08-18-02 11:28 PM

There's a parameter for CS. I don't remember exactly, but you have to add something like -forcenoparms or similar in your CS shortcut.

PsychoSy 08-24-02 08:48 PM

The command line options are -noforcemaccel and -noforceparms.

But if you have Logictech's MouseWare garbage installed, get rid of it. Uninstall it, use Winzip to extract the archive, then just update the drivers only through the device manager. MouseWare, IMO, helps improve the chances of your games crashing with a the famed "loop" error of yore.

I grabbed the lastest MouseWare last night, installed it, went to play RTCW online and it crashed within 45 seconds. RTCW hasn't crashed on my rig in about 7 months but yet here it bombs right after I installed MouseWare and rebooted. I nuked it and reinstalled just the core drivers.

I shoulda known better! :p

DigitalGolem 08-24-02 09:45 PM

I had the exact same problem! I have an ifeel logitech mouseman which is an optical USB mouse. When I installed XP aiming in counter-strike was so bad I was thinking about going back to 98. Nothing would fix it. It did it whether I had mouseware installed or not. I also tried running different parameters and turning mouse acceleration off. This is what I did that finally fixed it!


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