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Alaa 01-29-07 11:39 AM

Your top 10 xbox360 games?
Well, could you please list them? my head is goin :headexplode: because of the xbox360 - PS3. I decided to make more research about xbox3 games because I am starting to lean toward the xbox3 -affordable- (even if Tekken is PS exclusive:( ) and what do you think about xb Live? Will it work in Egypt? :o

Namrok 01-29-07 12:16 PM

Re: Your top 10 xbox360 games?
Well, my top, uh...games are Oblivion, Gears of War, Lost Planet, Lumines Live, Viva Pinata, Condemned, Project Gotham Racing 3 and thats about it. I could pad the list with other games I've played, but while enjoyable, it just wouldn't feel right saying they belong in a top 10 list.

No clue about XBox Live in Egypt.

thor1182 01-29-07 12:20 PM

Re: Your top 10 xbox360 games?
in order of purchase

1. PGR3 -if you like PGR, you'll like this one
2. Dead Rising - its alright, some people like it, I didn't care for it too much
3. Gears of War - A very good FPS
4. Lego Star WArs II - Hey I liked it
5. Lost Planet - It has some short comings, but it I still enjoyed it.

Alaa 01-29-07 12:35 PM

Re: Your top 10 xbox360 games?
I would like to note that Online play is very important to me.

six_storm 01-29-07 12:37 PM

Re: Your top 10 xbox360 games?
1. Gears of War
2. Hitman Blood Money
3. Rainbow Six Vegas
4. Viva Pinata
5. Splinter Cell Double Agent
6. Test Drive Unlimited
7. Tony Hawk Project 8
8. Saint's Row

Just to name a few, not really in that order TBH. Gears and Hitman are my favorite two at the current time.

Alaa 01-29-07 12:45 PM

Re: Your top 10 xbox360 games?
Also you can post suggested games if you don't like the TOP10 idea.

Gaco 01-29-07 01:10 PM

Re: Your top 10 xbox360 games?
1. Gears of War
2. Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfigher
3. Viva Piñata
4. Marbel Blast Ultra
5. Zuma
6. Splinter Cell 4: Double Agent
7. Dead Rising
8. Geometry Wars
9. Spades (arcade card game)
10. Hearts (arcade card game)

Honorable mention: Condemend (a pure SP experience :p)

Sorry Oblivion never quite got me ;)

ENU291 01-29-07 01:17 PM

Re: Your top 10 xbox360 games?
1. Gears of War
2. Rainbow 6: Vegas
3. Lost Planet
4. Splinter Cell: Double Agent
5. Saint's Row
6. Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter
7. Burnout Revenge
8. Kameo
9. Call of Duty 3
10. Dead Rising

The 360's library is KICK A$$! ;)

OWA 01-29-07 01:30 PM

Re: Your top 10 xbox360 games?
XBL is really nice and I mostly play the XBL games. So my favs are:

Hardwood Spades
Ms. Pac-Man
Bejeweled 2
Street Fighter 2 (sometimes)

For non-XBL games, I like Top Spin 2 and Madden (I like PGR also even though I don't play it a lot).

Edit: You should also get GoW if only to see the graphics. They're really good.

msxyz 01-29-07 01:35 PM

Re: Your top 10 xbox360 games?
Ten ? I'll give you my personal top three. I've a dozen of games so far but I grew tired of most after completing them.

Dead Rising
Import tuner.

Imbroglio 01-29-07 01:46 PM

Re: Your top 10 xbox360 games?
no particular order
-saint's row
-nba 2k7
-dead rising
-gears of war
-rainbow six: vegas
-lost planet
-tiger woods 07
-viva pinata

: personally looking forward to Winning Eleven, MLB2k7 and GRAW2
i'm a sports/fps junky :D

Mr. Hunt 01-29-07 02:21 PM

Re: Your top 10 xbox360 games?
Dead Rising... Gears of War is ok, but not as amazing as many say... the SP portion got so boring it ended up taking me a month and a half to beat because it felt like work just playing more than 30 minutes.

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