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skymt 01-29-07 02:45 PM

OpenGL texture rendering (GF4 MX, 9631)
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After upgrading to the 9xxx driver series (specifically, 9631), OpenGL texture rendering seems to have been broken on my system (GF4 MX). Most programs that use OpenGL give a totally black display. Others, like crack-attack, xmoto, and glxgears, seem able to draw some things. I've posted some screenshots to help explain.

The problem occurs with the 9631 series drivers on either Ubuntu and Arch Linux. I get the same results whether I use the official version downloaded from nvidia.com or the packaged versions provided by whichever distribution I use. The legacy (7xxx) drivers cause an immediate crash when an application tries to use OpenGL.

8xxx drivers work, but it's my understanding that only the current and legacy drivers will be updated for changes in the kernel. Downgrading to them would only be putting the problem off until later.

Beryl and Compiz work well, and don't affect the rendering problem in any way.

netllama 01-29-07 02:47 PM

Re: OpenGL texture rendering (GF4 MX, 9631)

skymt 01-29-07 03:48 PM

Re: OpenGL texture rendering (GF4 MX, 9631)
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Here's the .log (gzipped, it's too big to attach otherwise). Please disregard the install log included in the .log, it's from a recent failed attempt to install the 8xxx drivers from the official NVIDIA .sh package. Currently, I'm using the Arch driver package.

netllama 01-29-07 03:58 PM

Re: OpenGL texture rendering (GF4 MX, 9631)
Does this problem reproduce if you're not using the Composite extension or the TripleBuffer option?

skymt 01-29-07 05:02 PM

Re: OpenGL texture rendering (GF4 MX, 9631)
The symptoms are the same when I disable Composite, TripleBuffer, and ARGB, and restart the X server.

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