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Venator85 01-30-07 11:04 AM

Freezes with 9746 + GF Go7600
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I have a GF Go7600 on a Compal HEL80 notebook with Ubuntu Edgy 6.10 and 9746 nvidia drivers, and I'm experiencing random freezes when I try to play a video with VLC. The mouse cursor response is very choppy and the screen gets pretty garbled. After about 30 seconds, everything goes back to normal.
While surfing the web, sending email, even running glxgears, everything works flawlessly. With Ubuntu's default driver (nv) everything works smoothly.

On bootstrap, I get the messages:
[17179570.100000] PCI: BIOS BUG #81[00000000] found
[17179570.204000] PCI: Cannot allocate resource region 7 of bridge 0000:00:1c.3
[17179570.204000] PCI: Cannot allocate resource region 8 of bridge 0000:00:1c.3

I have read the Stability problems thread and added the options pci=nommconf and idle=poll with no luck (the CPU is a dual-core Intel Core2 Duo T7200). I have also looked for updates for the BIOS and applied them, with no luck.

I'm attaching my nvidia-bug-report.

PS: I'm getting quite the same problem under Windows XP Pro SP2...

Please help me :(

Thanks and good day
Venator85 ;)

netllama 01-30-07 11:17 AM

Re: Freezes with 9746 + GF Go7600
Actually, the real problem is here:
PCI: Failed to allocate mem resource #6:20000@d0000000 for 0000:01:00.0

1:00 is the GPU. It looks like the BIOS on this system has bugs.

Venator85 01-30-07 11:54 AM

Re: Freezes with 9746 + GF Go7600
Thanks for your feedback, but why then if I use the standard "nv" driver that comes with Ubuntu everything works?
Moreover, under Windows, using a 83.90 driver directly from the PC manufacturer (I'm assuming it has been "customized" somehow) makes it work.

netllama 01-30-07 11:58 AM

Re: Freezes with 9746 + GF Go7600
The 'nv' X driver doesn't interact with the hardware in the same fashion as the nvidia X driver. Also, you stated "I'm getting quite the same problem under Windows XP Pro SP2".

The fact remains that your dmesg out continues a very clear resource allocation error for the GPU. That needs to be addressed by the BIOS.

hsyl20 01-30-07 12:39 PM

Re: Freezes with 9746 + GF Go7600
Oh this is really interesting!
I have the same kind of message with the bug mentionned here: http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=80888
My laptop reseller claims that the "trick" discovered in this topic is not the way to make the GeForce7xxx working correctly (but they don't want to tell me how they manage to do it, they would prefer that i buy their preconfigured Mandriva 2007...).

So, do you know the way they could have used to bypass this bios issue?

Note: the BIOS is a Phoenix TrustedCore and it is the latest version available (i guess, because i didn't find a place to download a new version). The laptop reseller is Keynux...

Venator: you might consider to try to use the "trick" with the perflevelSrc option but it is at your own risks...

Venator85 01-30-07 03:43 PM

Re: Freezes with 9746 + GF Go7600
Thanks hsyl20 for your trick but it didn't worked for me... :(
When I modprobe nvidia NV.... I get
FATAL: error running install command for nvidia
I've tried with both 9746 and 9631


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