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silane 01-30-07 12:16 PM

Xorg forgets to paint with 1.0-9631(legacy)
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When using the 1.0-9631(legacy) drivers with my GeForce2 Integrated GPU,
Xorg forgets to paint.

At startup, when the root window appears, rather than painting the root window, it displays an uninitialized buffer. If Windows XP had been previously run the buffer will be a slightly speckled version of the shutdown screen; otherwise noise.

As the startup completes, the toolbar is painted and some of the desktop icons appear. If I drag the cursor over a missing element it will often get painted, but then other things may disappear.

Dragging a window around leaves a stutter trail. While running applications, menu items and dialog buttons may not be painted, though a cursor prod often reveals them.

Both the .run distribution and the livna rpms behave in this way.
The system is satble enough for screenshots and such. Please tell me if you need additional information.


whig 01-30-07 03:30 PM

Re: Xorg forgets to paint with 1.0-9631(legacy)
The log shows nvidia errors real bad :( Does the problem go away if this is removed from xorg.conf.

        Option      "AddARGBGLXVisuals" "True"

silane 01-30-07 07:30 PM

Re: Xorg forgets to paint with 1.0-9631(legacy)
Same symptoms with the option removed.

piotrq__ 01-30-07 07:58 PM

Re: Xorg forgets to paint with 1.0-9631(legacy)
Sth is VERY bad either with your hardware, or the configuration of it...
Seen those "The NVIDIA driver has encountered an error..." messages ?
You're getting quite a lot of them in you log, and that's no good thing, really...

Check the temps of the GPU/CPU, voltages, run memtest for like an hour or two.. Check BIOS settings maybe.
Have you ever had those messages before?

silane 01-30-07 08:33 PM

Re: Xorg forgets to paint with 1.0-9631(legacy)
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I have never noticed any. Until the 96xx drivers I either got a black screen and had to wait for the next driver, or everything was fine. This is my first experience with strange behavior. The 87xx drivers worked fine but a kernel upgrade broke them.

As a control test, I rolled back my kernel and reinstalled 8776. It worked here is a "bug report" for comparison.

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