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ctrl0l 01-30-07 04:46 PM

Problem with the fonts; they look very bad.
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After installing nVidia drivers 1.0-8762 on my OpenSuSe 10.2 final, the fonts look incredible bad. See the attached screenshot.

I tried to install nvidia drivers from YaST, but this failed. Next, I downloaded "1.0-8762" and I tried to install them by hand. This was also unsuccessful, but after applying this patch:
they have installed without problems.

What I did next, was to change "nv" in my xorg.conf to "nvidia" and to type "telinit 5". But the results was very bad. Again, see the attached screenshot and you will see what I am talking about.
Please note, if I set "nv" in xorg.conf, everything works fine. With "nvidia" it doesn't.
Also, fonts look in the same way on configuring "nvidia" module by SaX2. I cannot read anything there and I can't reconfigure anything.

Here is more info about my system:
OS: OpenSuSe 10.2 final.
card: GeForce4 MX 440 AGP 8x
if you want more information about xorg.conf, I can provide it.

Please, help.

whig 01-30-07 10:24 PM

Re: Problem with the fonts; they look very bad.
Older nvidia drivers, eg 8xxx, don't always play well with recent kernels. The best bet is to use a combo of current versions of both, but I think the GF MX 440 goes as far as nvidia version 9631.

AaronP 01-31-07 03:25 AM

Re: Problem with the fonts; they look very bad.
The 1.0-8762 drivers don't support X.org 7.1, which I assume you're using. As whig suggested, please upgrade to 1.0-9631, the currently-supported legacy driver for your GPU.

ctrl0l 01-31-07 01:09 PM

Thank you very much!
This driver solved the problem!

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