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mwhit 01-31-07 12:44 PM

no 7600 drivers on linux?
I installled the lates nvidia driver rpm and I cannot see an entry in the list of drivers for 7600. What am I doing wrong?

zander 01-31-07 12:55 PM

Re: no 7600 drivers on linux?
Which NVIDIA Linux graphics driver release did you install and which list are you referring to? The GeForce 7600 is supported by 1.0-9746 (see http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_d..._1.0-9746.html and http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree8...ppendix-a.html).

mwhit 01-31-07 02:30 PM

Re: no 7600 drivers on linux?
after I have installed the rpm,
I click on the redhad and go to system settings
from there I choose display,

when I try to select the video card from the list, it only has a few nvidia cards listed and the 7600 GT is not listed.

Am I doing this wrong?

zander 01-31-07 04:38 PM

Re: no 7600 drivers on linux?
RedHat's utilities do not provide an accurate list of NVIDIA GPUs supported by any given NVIDIA Linux graphics driver release; please see the README for information on how to configure your X server to use the NVIDIA X driver.

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