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mkonjibhu 01-31-07 05:30 PM

I was wondering if it makes sense to Underclock 2D settings in Rivatuner so my card (6800GT) would Idle at a bit lower temps, but overclock set just for 3D apps so once I load up the app, the clock speeds will adjust from under to over clocked.

Slammin 01-31-07 06:00 PM

Re: Overclocking/underclocking?
The 2D settings are already underclocked and undervolted and underclocking even more might result in unpredictable results. Try and see though, because just a couple of days ago, I got the same idea with my CPU.

I normally idle at 32-34c depending on ambient. I also normally have my fans running at 70% at idle. I grabbed RMClock and enabled Cool&Quiet in my bios, configured my CPU to run at 1180MHZ @1.18vcore idle, 2950MHZ @1.39vcore max with RMClock.

My idle temp is now 27c with fans at 50% which means they can hardly move dust, much less air. Very quiet! My fans automatically ramp up to 100% based on mobo (PWM) temp, then go back to 50% rpm when things cool down.

Sorry for the derail, but RMClock is a really cool program! You may want to check it out since you are interested in saving energy or quieting your rig.


You could mod your vid card bios for a lower 2D clock with nibitor or underclock just your 2D with rivatuner as well.

mkonjibhu 01-31-07 06:56 PM

Re: Overclocking/underclocking?
I already used Rivatuner to adjust fan speeds based on my temps. Scales from 53%/55%/75%/90% depending on the temp it reached. I just figured if I underclock the 2D a bit, it could put a bit less strain on the card or PSU since I leave my comp on most of the day.

BCKator 02-01-07 02:59 AM

Re: Overclocking/underclocking?
I underclock when not in use.
I've had no issues wrt stability (that I know of) and it saves power, lowers noise, etc. when not gaming.

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