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bugmeplz 01-31-07 06:06 PM

Pre-purchase questions

Right now i have an ATI-card that i am less than pleased with, so i'm considering switching to an Nvidia-card. But i have a few questions first:

1. Is it possible to have dual desktop tv-out? i.e. one screen for my TFT and one screen for the tv, with proper resolutions for my old crt-tv etc.

2. For the above setup, would 3d acceleration work on both?

3. Can i also use dual head with the above setup? i.e. xinerama on two tft screens + seperate screen for tv?

The reason for this is i run mythtv and games on the tv :)


netllama 01-31-07 06:52 PM

Re: Pre-purchase questions
The answer to 1 & 2 is yes. The answer to 3 is no. The nvidia X driver supports a maximum of 2 display devices per GPU. If you want to use 3 display devices, you'd need at least 2 GPUs.


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