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jaymzh 01-31-07 06:11 PM

Nvidia and nvidia-legacy
I have 3 monitors - 2 attached to an NVidia 6600 dual-head AGP card and another one attached to an NVidia Vanta PCI card.

In order to do Xinerama across all 3, I need both cards to work - but one card is supported by nvidia and the other by nvidia-legacy.

Unfortunately, it seems no forsight was given to using BOTH drivers - they have the same name and symbols.

Has anyone managed to get nvidia *and* nvidia-legacy working at the same time? I can go out and buy another PCI card, but most PCI cards use chipsets only supported by nvidia legacy. My other option is to have the second card be ATI, but I'd rather not - I hate their linux support, and I suspect the idea of crossing xinerama between the two of them might be ugly.

- Phil

zander 01-31-07 06:43 PM

Re: Nvidia and nvidia-legacy
This configuration is not supported; you should be able to use the nv driver for the PCI card, though.

jaymzh 01-31-07 07:14 PM

Re: Nvidia and nvidia-legacy
nv doesn't support xinerama as I recall...

- Phil

Thunderbird 02-01-07 01:48 AM

Re: Nvidia and nvidia-legacy
The nv driver doesn't support multiple displays (twinview-like things) but that is no requirement for xinerama. Xinerama is an extension for bridging several videocards to form one big screen.

jaymzh 02-02-07 12:27 AM

Re: Nvidia and nvidia-legacy
Ah. You're right. I'm now running Xinerama across all 3 monitors - two on the 6800 card using the nvidia driver and one on the PCI card using the nv driver.

That said, if nVidia is going to support both drivers, they might as well just replace 'nvidia' with 'nvidia-legacy' in the legacy driver so the symbols don't conflict and both drivers can be loaded at the same time (depending on the internal structure, some additional work may be needed, but since they should each only attach to the devices they support, it shouldn't be much if any).

Thanks for the help,
- Phil

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