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EuxineTL 02-01-07 02:57 AM

X server hang on smp kernel
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X server hang on smp kernel

I have stability problems while using latest 1.0-9746 driver on RHEL4 update 2 system with dual-core processor.
(2.6.9-22.ELsmp i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux)
I have two Quadro FX 560 cards and setup Quad-Monitor environment.

Here is:
1. X always hang at Runlevel 5.
2. I can start X at runlevel 3. But it would hang at NVIDIA screen sometimes.
2-1. As long as I logout X, it would hang.
2-2. X would hang right away while choose 3D screen saver.

I have tried boot parameter pci=nommconf and idle=poll and issues remained.

Then I try to boot the kernel without SMP. X works fine without all the issues above.

Maybe I missed something?
Appreciated for any suggestion and advice.


netllama 02-01-07 09:23 AM

Re: X server hang on smp kernel
This looks like it might be a known RHEL-4.2 SMP kernel bug. Does this problem persist with RHEL-4.4 ?

EuxineTL 02-01-07 07:56 PM

Re: X server hang on smp kernel
So upgrade is the only way to fix this issue?
Do you know where to find the bug report about SMP kernel issue?

Thanks, Euxine

netllama 02-01-07 08:38 PM

Re: X server hang on smp kernel
There was a bug opened in Redhat's bugzilla, however its since been closed. This was over a year ago when RHEL-4.2 was released.

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