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#Reistlehr- 02-03-07 08:03 PM

HP Dv9000z + nvidia drivers
ok, i get the whole, WW NDIVIA no matching device section for instance busid pci:0:10:3 found. failed to load module wfb. Interupt device PCI:5:0:0 appeasrs to be edge-triggered. please see chapter 5: common prolems inthe readme. Failed to initialize the nvidia graphics device! Aborting. screens found but non have a usable configuration.

sorry for the nasty format, but im at the library, as its my laptop that is having the problem. Im on a trip getting my CCIE, which is ironic, cause i cant pull my HD out and copy the logs.

anyway, i've tried to install the nvidia drivers using, automatix2, and it cause a freeze after login, i tried the nvidia drivers .run, caused this problem. tried the beryl+nvidia script, caused this problem too, and also the nvidia-glx does the same.

id run a log, but i ahve no way to pop it on here due to those damn windows restricions.

if you need more, ill do my best, but i'd like to get this figured out ASAP.

HP Dv9000z, 2gig ram, AMD Turion64 X2 TL-60, nVidia Go 7600

Ubuntu Edgy AMD64

Thanks in advance

#Reistlehr- 02-03-07 09:42 PM

Re: HP Dv9000z + nvidia drivers

had to add


to grubs boot line.

fixed it!

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