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jak 02-04-07 03:31 PM

M2NPV-VM Bug Report Attached
2 Attachment(s)
Attached "nvidia-install log" and "bug-report"

I have an M2NPV-VM motherboard and a 23 inch apple cinema display (ACD).

I am using the bios 0603

Here is some background on what's happening: repeated here because I posted on another thread but without the attached log and bug reports. Since then, I have sucessfully logged into the machine via ssh to run the bug report tool.

I had an older monitor that I replaced yesterday with the ACD; I installed the latest nvidia linux amd64 bit driver successfully and my old monitor worked fine. In the process I set the runlevel to 3;

Thinking it was the safest thing to do, I booted up with the ACD attached at runlevel 3 but I got the "blank" screen of death right from the start. No setup/bios console stuff just "blank";

I searched the internet for hours trying to find similar experiences and there were a few but there were no solutions. What I didn't realize is that my setup would not work in "text/console" mode (runlevel 3).

Based upon a hunch from reading some posts, I again booted into runlevel 3 with the ACD.

I gave sufficient time for the boot to come to the login prompt.

Then I carefully logged into to the root account (remember I have a "blank" screen).

Hoping that I successfully logged in, I issued the command to change the runlevel to 5 and start X which for me is:

#telinit 5 // carefully typing this so that I made no mistakes cuz I couldn't see anything

and bam: X started just fine!

When in X, I was able to edit xorg.conf and set things up correctly for the ACD. I also set the runlevel to 5 for boot and rebooted successfully launching the x-server. But the screen is completely blank until the Xserver is started by init.

I cannot visit the console mode / bios setup stuff at all which is a major issue.

Is there a fix for this?

netllama 02-04-07 03:43 PM

Re: M2NPV-VM Bug Report Attached
If you're not seeing anything before X starts, then you'd need either a graphics card VBIOS change (which in your case would mean a new motherboard BIOS as well) or an update to the firmware in the ACD, depending on where the bug exists. In either case you'd need to contact Asus or Apple.


jak 02-04-07 03:46 PM

Re: M2NPV-VM Bug Report Attached
Thanks! Duh!!
I'm barking up the wrong tree! Its the motherboard! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

F. W. Kooistra 02-04-07 03:48 PM

Re: M2NPV-VM Bug Report Attached
This has nothing to do with the card or the driver
But the monitor has no vga mode.

Your procedure is correct

I would keep the old monitor ( or any old monitor for BIOS setup etc.
I do not know if your card has a dual output :
In that case keep the standard monitor on screen :0 The apple on screen :1

or you feel like adding a simple card for text and bios stuff - clumsy too

One could edit the default mode of the Video card to be a standard mode of the apple screen ... Nahh do not even think about that

jak 02-05-07 08:59 AM

Re: M2NPV-VM Bug Report Attached
Thanks Kooistra.

That makes sense to me. My old monitor is a huge clunky CRT that I just wanted to throw away and sadly I don't have a dual monitor output on my motherboard; but I may take your advice and get a cheap add-on pci graphics card and maybe an inexpensive lcd for things such as this.

F. W. Kooistra 02-05-07 12:07 PM

Re: M2NPV-VM Bug Report Attached
The apple LCD is a beauty indeed..
It is an investment to have a lcd just to edit your bios : If it is just that i would not bother for the pci card: although it saves you from the risc of blowing the monitor in care you forget to exchange the plugs

brr 02-06-07 03:11 AM

Re: M2NPV-VM Bug Report Attached

Originally Posted by jak
sadly I don't have a dual monitor output on my motherboard

Doesn't your Asus M2NPV-VM have vga AND dvi out? I have a dual monitor setup with the same mobo.


F. W. Kooistra 02-06-07 11:55 AM

Re: M2NPV-VM Bug Report Attached
Itt is not about the VGA connector: the analogue out.
Not all monitors support the 640X480 resolution : specifically high end monitors which are deliverd with a special Video card.

brr 02-06-07 03:58 PM

Re: M2NPV-VM Bug Report Attached

Originally Posted by F. W. Kooistra
Itt is not about the VGA connector: the analogue out.

Dual monitor output is indeed about the VGA connector. The mobo has one, and also a DVI connector. Hence dual monitor output, which jak thought not to have.


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