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OldOfEvil 02-04-07 09:49 PM

Is my 5800 Ultra dead?
I recently got my old 5800 Ultra out of storage and decided to clean it up. I removed the thermal tape they used, polished the copper plates and was going to re-apply AS5 before putting it all back togather. The problem is that my mom (unknowingly) managed to knock one the tiny black/silver (what I assume to be) transistors off the board, I almost didn't notice it but upon inspection I noted that their was a little spec of a transistor sitting loose on the circut board.

I kept the card mostly for it's nerd value, but now I wonder if it will still work. I don't have a desktop machine to try it out in at the moment, but then again, I wonder if I should even try.. do you guys think it would be busted?

jAkUp 02-04-07 10:52 PM

Re: Is my 5800 Ultra dead?
Depends on what was knocked loose... it might still work, but the long term stability might be affected.

OldOfEvil 02-04-07 11:53 PM

Re: Is my 5800 Ultra dead?
Well, the transitor is a little smaller than a BB, if that helps.. :o

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